Well well well! I knew you would be back for a piece of me. You just couldn’t do it on your own could you? Maybe, you just wanted to see me covered in blood and guts when I am the last one to be fucked for the night.

I’m wicked. Not for the faint of heart. If you want a sweet girl or one you can boss around, trust be honey you are in the wrong fucking place. I am an ALPHA female. I will be by your side until the end. I may even end up pushing you beyond your limits. Taking you to places you never ever thought you could go.

I warned you! If you have a “problem”, I am the solver. I am an accomplice. I love nothing more than to get down and dirty and make all of your perverted fantasies come true.

Don’t you dare hold back with me. I have NO limits. I will help you fuck up any little pathetic disaster. Our victims are nothing more than a little piece of fuck meat for our enjoyment. So, tell me, are you man enough to engage in a little snuff?

I love playing mind games. Toying with the victims and then when our needs are satisfied. Then I take great pleasure in killing them in any way you see fit.

So baby, what’s your fantasy? Think you can be more fucked up than I am? Bring it on. My cunt is throbbing thinking about your evil ways. I love it when you think of me as femme fatale because I am and attractive and seductive woman, I am the one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with me.

A seductress, a temptress, an enchantress, a siren! My hypnotic ways will have you groveling at my feet just waiting to see what fucked up things we will be doing next.

We are forbidden from u sing specific ages and certain details. Rest assured pervert. I’ve got you covered. I will destroy them all. At your side. Covered in blood.

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