Princess Mila. (ME-la) See, it’s all about ME!

That’s how I expect to be treated by you. I’m a high maintenance girl so if you want to play with me, you better bring your credit card. I expect to be spoiled by you. Gifts, tributes, gift cards, unexpected surprises are what will keep me around.

I am all about the finer things in life. Nice cars, nice clothes, diamonds, silver & gold. I have payments to be made. You have money to give me. The more you give, the more attention you get. The chances of you getting all of my attention are pretty slim, unless, of course, you can support my lifestyle by yourself.

I’m looking for men who have more than enough money and time to be there when I need you. When the bills are due. When I have a question about business. When I have a question about life.

We can call it whatever you want to call it. Sugar daddy/sugar baby. Special daddy/daddy’s sweet girl/ mentor/mentee. Or, we don’t have to define it at all. We can just go with it.

I’m sure your friends will think I am a gold-digger. Your family will too if they find out about me. I don’t care what they think about me as long as the cash keeps flowing.

So, what do you think? Do you think you have enough to offer to keep me coming back for more?

Let me know if you want to adopt a payment or pay them all. I can give you a list if you like. If you can’t do it alone, I am going to post it here so I know it’s all covered.

Let me know if you would like to see an amazon wishlist. I would happily provide it. There are LOTS of ways you can get the money to me. These are all little details. Do you have enough to offer? You will get a return on your investment in me. My time, personal pictures, panties, anything you like.

Let’s figure out what it will take for us to have a mutual understanding and mutually satisfying arrangement.
xoxo Mila (ME-la)

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