Hi guys! My name is Megan and I’m an extreme whore! I have been fucking and sucking since I was very young. My next door neighbor showed me how to play a game. He would say it’s time to play hide the weenie! I knew it was time to drop on my young knees, take that P Cock in my mouth, and make Daddy happy! I loved the attention that he gave me!

Ever since then I have loved fucking older men especially if they were married. The kicker is knowing I can blackmail him with all the pics if he doesn’t buy me what I want! There is nothing like being the GFE of a hot older guy who spoils me with lavish gifts. They get the added bonus of having a hottie like me on their arm makes them look fucking invincible!

Since I’m in college now, when I don’t have a sugar Daddy, I do phone sex. Laying in my bed with my favorite pink dildo and vibrator is almost as much fun as being out on the town. All you horny fuckers call me weaving your fantasies in my ear making me squirt all over my Egyptian cotton sheets! I know they can hear me through the dorms, but I don’t care! I’m making this $$$ to pay tuition! Let them work their menial jobs while I get paid for fuck…they are just haters!

The life of a co-ed whore is so much fun! I’m young, my body is tight, and I’m sexy as fuck! So if you like Role Play Fantasy, Age Play Fantasy, Teacher Fantasy, any kind of fantasy where you need a hot little slut like me, I’ll rock your cock! Just remember, I might be a slut but I’m not cheap, I will expect you to take care of me *wink*.

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