Just let me take some time to tell y’all a little about me. My name is Mary. I grew up in a little backwoods town in Virginia. I couldn’t wait to get away from all these backwards thinking hillbillies when I was young. Then my hormones kicked in, I was horny as fuck, grinding on everything I could find.

One day my cousin Billy found me in the barn rubbing my pussy up against a horn on a saddle. He stood there watching until he pulled his pecker out of his pants and started stroking it. I was so intoxicated watching him. Then he came over and put it in my mouth! That was my first taste of cum.

He ended up knockin me up the first time when I was really young. My second youngin came a year later. Billy was also the first one to introduce me to drugs. He started pimpin me out and said it would make it go easier if I was fucked up. So I started smoking weed and drinking at first, then it was on to coke, snortin pills, anything I could grind up that got me high. After a while, that’s all I did. Fuck and do drugs for ole’ Billy.

Now that I’m a little older Billy says my pussy isn’t “young” enough anymore. He started trainin the girls to be our little sluts. We’ve got a few little brats running around now. We get our monies worth out of the little fuckers for sure. I had to earn my way so they learned they gotta to.

I just never knew I would enjoy watching those little fuckers draining cocks like I do. I get off every time we pimp them little bitches out. They sure bring a pretty penny though so until they age out and have their own little brats, they’re payin the bills!

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