Kinky Krazy Krista at your service. I am not your typical phone sex slut. Let me just put that out there. I am a Krazy fucked up mess.

My sexual desires are all over the place. I am “NOT” a vanilla girl. I am more into deviant play. Kinky shit, fetishes, accomplice fun, gang bangs, just to name a few.

I enjoy fantasy play. Home invasion, torture scenarios, kidnapping, family fun, extreme age play. Inflicting pain gets me so excited. If you are getting hard reading my bio then you are the guy for me.

I must tell you I am known to become addictive. Because I have no limits, Because I will push you to do unusual things sometimes even evil things. I love being in control.

So if your sexual desires run on the kinky side why not give me a call. I bet I can make you blow your load so hard. And your deviant desires and dirty secrets will never be shared.

Pick up the phone Baby Kinky Krista is waiting to play with you.

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