Imagine the world that’s dark and suppressed where crazy psychotics run it. Everywhere you turn is drugs, strung out sluts, blood, and gore. Somewhere in the middle is where I stand. I was born into this world addicted to drugs. My mother was hardcore meth whore who never stopped even though she found out she was pregnant. Throughout my life, I have needed drugs. Even though I was young, I still found ways to feed my addiction sometimes I turned to sex but it didn’t seem to curb the urges. When I was a teen, I found myself lurking and conspiring to get my fix. I was known as the sadistic druggie in class but let me tell you I knew what men wanted. I got through school blowing and fucking my way to the top. In return, they gave me dime bags and good grades. While those preppy bitches were having makeup and pool parties; I my friend had sadistic evil, getting fucked up parties and fucking their teachers.
I have been known to dabble in the occult, summoning little brats where I could whore out to get my fix. I know it sounds hardcore but my sexual and drug habit is just that. I have done some of the nastiest shit knew just to get a hit, I have to tell you parts of me seem to like it. Being gang fantasy raped, brutally beaten as long as drugs are coming then I can handle anything. Being nasty is just a part of who I am. Men have tried to short me but I have sought out revenge. Summoning accomplices and inflicting torture and still getting my hits, I guess they won’t be crossing me again.
Don’t be scared I haven’t killed anyone yet. If you’re feeding my addictions, I think you’re pretty safe unless you start to skip out on your commitments. Then I suggest you watch your back cause this sadistic druggie slut will Fuck you up harder than you ever thought possible. Now let’s do a role play fantasy and allow me to dive into your mind and show you just what I am made from.

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