My name is Jackie. I am going to tell you a bit about myself. I’m a single Mother of 4 young ones. Three daughters and a son. Don’t judge me you don’t know me. I’m not a typical soccer mom. I am trashy, nasty, and still, somewhat, classy.

I am the sexy Mom that all your sons want to hang out with. They can’t wait to get to at my house to get a glimpse of the hottest MILF in town. I have even been known to fuck the young men or let them sucks on my breast or eat my pussy. All they need to do is raid their parents medicine cabinets and bring me some goods.
I have an addiction to prescription drugs. It is a very expensive habit and I will do whatever it takes to find the money to buy them. I have dated doctors and pharmacists to get my fix. They will get me what I want because my pussy is golden and as soon as I get a fix I’m a wild and crazy slut, a freak in the bed per say. The type of woman every man, regardless of his age, wants to bang. One of them even diagnosed my son with ADHD so he could get a prescription for Adderall for me.

My girls learned at a very young age that you need to use your body to get what you want. I have no qualms renting out my daughters and making them show you what I have taught them. Just so they bring Mama home the money for her candy. Those little bald cunts have been used over and over and they are still so tight you are going to have to ram that cock hard to get it all the way in.

So, what do you bring to the table? You wanna party with me? There is so much we can do. I’ve told you how much I love to party. No need for you to party alone, give me a call and let’s get drunk and high together. We can talk about my young ;} conquests and I can tell you all about that sweet bald pussy.

Just pick up the phone and we will get as freaky as you want baby. We can role play or just get right to the candy dish. It’s your call.

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