A big advantage of being a bar owner is having an endless supply of alcohol. I love to force intoxication on the most innocent looking men. The drunker they get the more they spend. They start buying girls drinks and rounds for the whole bar if a party girl will get on the bar and strip to the music. As you know, Ginger’s Bar is the place to be for uninhibited fun.

Happy hour is 2 for 1 and the guys are quick to take advantage of the special to “loosen up the girls”. Truth is, they are buying straight soda. These girls need their heads about them if they are going to be able to take these drunken fools for all they can get. Can’t beat the fact that it’s more profit for ME.

Grab that bottle and give me a call. I would love to guide you through the best drunk of your life. Think you can keep up with me? Just like the girls at the bar, I can hold my booze pretty well. Let’s see who can last the longest. I can promise you that every time you take a drink, I am going to want you to tease that cock for me. Join me in IM and I will send you pictures of my sexy body to get you in the mood! By the time we are both hammered, it’s going to be time for you to blow your load. Let’s party Big Boy!

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