A little about me, where should I start?.. My parents ran a brothel so I have been very sexual since I was young. Believe me, it didn’t take me long to comprehend that this sweet face and tight young body gave me a lot of control over men. It’s like they all become hypnotized by my sex appeal and they just can’t resist me, all they want to do is keep me happy. Unfortunately for them though, I am bored stiff easily, it takes more than just plain old vanilla sex to satisfy me.

Sex was never a hush-hush thing in my home, there were always half naked women and men running around and none of them were ever shy about letting me join in on the fun. The best part though was when I would watch Daddy beat those skanky whores for misbehaving. It always turned me on like crazy so I would rub my little pussy. The way they would groan and squeal is what turned me on so much, it sounded like agony and ecstasy all at once.

Now that I live on my own I am free to really explore that side of myself, I want you to push my boundaries and see just how far I can take it. I can be your bratty little princess, your deviant accomplice or even your blasphemous little whore, come discover my wild side with me…
Fuckable Faye

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