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I just love getting high and getting super fucking nasty! I love porn, I love watching porn while getting high and getting cocks off! You could say that I am addicted to the sound of men beating their meat for me! I love fucking and sucking and all that nasty stuff that makes your cock throb! I am a total fucking PIG! I haven’t met a caller I can’t get off, my sexy curves and sweet disposition is just what your cock needs baby.
I am a filthy fucking phone sex slut. I don’t believe in putting limits on anything from gambling to fucking. There is not a subject out here that I won’t get off to. I lived in Sin City, so I am desensitized. I am into all kinds of fetish’s and role-play’s. I am into it for real too, I am not some fake ass girl just doing a job, I LOVE this shit! Hear me bang my tight cunt with dildos, and cum like a mother fucker. My tight pussy is so fucking wet, and it just gets me wetter to hear you jerk that cock for me. I love to watch YOU on cam and hear your stroking rhythm, fuck! When your breath quickens, and your hard on starts to ache, Now that makes me so fucking ready to grind out a hard cum all over that sweet cock of yours! I am into it all too, pissing, cum gargling, even puking and gagging on your cock, so just say it… I’m down!
Maybe you are looking for a filthy phone fuck slut that is into swinging. Well baby I love to eat cunt too, there are some really sexy orgasms to be had fucking in a threesome, if you want someone to fuck your wife or GF, fuck I can spin that fantasy baby! I am just so into it, sharing and being shared fuck that turns me on! Or maybe you want to add me to your sex life by making me your slave. I love it when a couple orders me to be their live in sex slave. I am down for whatever it is that makes your cock throb the most.
Some guys tell me it is hard to find a girl who likes to do the LONG calls. I am one of those sluts, I mean that’s what’s fun about sex is all the different things we can get off to. I can’t even start to list all of the shit that gets me hot it would be easier for me to list what doesn’t… _______ LOL. I also have a special place in my heart for age-play fantasies, I really get off so hard when I role-play a younger slut, or an innocent little Daddy’s girl. There are no restrictions on what we can do, I provide a quiet, non-judgmental fuck space for us to play in and all you have to do is call. You won’t ever regret it, we can do it hard, rough and uncensored. Or if you are just into some milder fetishes I can go either direction so let’s get high and fuck!

Effie pronounced “F-E” :p

Effin Effie

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